Hi I'm Trenita and I'm an artist who happens to love making brand designs, comic books, illustrations and portraits. 


the run down of trenita

Pronounced: (Tra-knee-ta) // Latin for third-little child. Incase you were wondering. 

Trenita Finney launched her site Trenita Made It in 2017 with the goal to help inspire young artists and to provide valuable content on branding so that their businesses flourished. After finishing college she realized that not everyone has the same opportunity and wanted to share what she learned with other aspiring artists. She didn't want to end up stuck in a job unrelated to her talents and worked towards becoming a freelance artist & designer. 

Trenita has freelanced her illustration work since 2009 and her graphic design since 2012. Trenita received her B.A. in Digital Media Arts with focuses on graphic design & advertising.

Trenita's artwork has been seen in Steel City Comicon, RAW Artist, The Syllestial Collection and Duquesne University's Lexicon Publication. 


but lowkey, i'm also this person...

Loves Kendrick Lamar as a person and an artist. My favorite song is Alright. 

Loves Logic and thinks that both his first and second album were legit fire. 

Grew up on the sounds of Tupac, Aaliyah, The Eagles, JamRock, 70s Funk,  and The Steven Miller Band.

I am a anime nerd and plan to eventually collect all of my favorite series like Sailor Moon, Samurai Champloo, Soul Eater, Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist. 

I am also a gamer and love Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, specifically Final Fantasy X. 

Ever since I went natural I can have endless conversations about hair, oils and braiding styles. 

My go to for generally mood setting is having my oil diffuser running with music and having popcorn ready for movie night with Vayne Rebelle. 

I do listen to trap music and have gone out of my way to learn how to Hit the Quann multiple times. It's not the best.