How to Grow Your Art Client List

How to Grow Your Art Client List

I draw every day , I leave post - it notes everywhere, I go to events and meet new people. None of these particular tasks actually land me a client for custom art. Here's what did:

Back when I lived on campus I had developed a friendship with the front-desk lady (this was her title until we became friends) . She heard about my artwork from her daughter who studied engineering and asked to see more. At the time I was working on a portrait and showed her my work. A few months later she stopped me before I left the dorm to ask if I could make a portrait of her father surrounded by all of his police service dogs over his years of service. He had moved into a nursing home and wanted nothing more than to leave. The artwork ended being a huge pencil illustration in sharp detail with the service dogs in a collage around her father. She cried. It made me want to cry.

How To Grow Your Art Client List (Exposure Series) | Are you getting tired of finding new clients to work with for illustration work? Ever since I started focusing on this one thing more than anything else, my clients come to me. Learn how to bring work to you by clicking through to the post!

She delivered the portrait to her father and it was one of the happiest moments in his life. After I had completed the work a few months later she found that her father had went in peace and joined his service dogs once again. It was a sad, powerful moment. After that request, the rest of the staff in my dorm started requesting pieces of art for their loved ones. I did a portrait of the mail woman's dog, a graduation gift illustration siblings in their success and many other inquires after that. 


The moral of this story? Build a rapport or friendship with your client, commit to the request at hand, and exceed their expectations. This leaves a last impression with your client who will then recommend you to their friends, co-workers, and colleagues. This is important because this is what builds your reputation and your credibility. It is far more expensive to find new clients than it is to please your existing ones. Good work does not go unnoticed. Need more client tips? Check this out

After you land your client you'll need to know how to price your work, craft, your vision. She'll help you out. And so will this. 

Q: Do you have a story where your art made an impact on a client? Share it with me in the comments below, maybe some interesting people will notice and follow up with you on your services!