hi, Let me  introduce myself...

I'm Trenita Finney , an Artist and Freelance Graphic Designer Pittsburgh, PA. I help artists establish their brands by creating branding kits and guiding them on their creative path. I help others preserve their favorite memories by making custom portrait art.

I understand the artist struggle; it is real but you don't have to go through it alone. Helping others achieve their goals through by making brands look good and making artwork is what I love to do best.

P.S. I have a B.A. in Digital Media Design (Multimedia Art + Advertising). I have an art book The Syllestial Collection VOL.1. I have a pet turtle named Dashy.

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We creative souls need to stick together and help each other out! From one artist to another. 


Layer Cake Festival, October 2015//

Raw Artist Merge, October 2015//

Anthrocon, July 2015//

Raw Artist Exposure, April 2015//

JMA Day, 2015//

Raw Artist: Allure, August 2014//

Anthrocon, July 2014 //

JMA DAY, March 2014 //

Steel City Con, December 2013 //

Pittsburgh Comicon, September 2013 //

JMA DAY, March 2013 //



Drawing with Trenita by Patricio Chile


Sentient:1928 Vol.1 Book One, DeepCea Entertainment//

Jealous Jill, S.Stray Publishing//

Lexicon; 2014, Duquesne University //

The Syllestial Collection Vol. 1, Ka-Blam Digital Printing //